Phone rings.
Me: This is Chenzo
Guy: Hey man, we run a ‪#webcompany‬ and keep running into people you have worked with and speak nothing but amazing things. We are a bit slow and would like to know if you could send us some work?
Me: Sure, send me over your website and what platform you guys specialize in and see what I can do.
Guy: We don’t have one yet.
Me: Maybe next time, “man”.
Honesty.im ‪#nobull #nofluffHonesty.im

How to disable ad tracking

I get asked all the time .. How come after I been shopping or looking for something on the internet – all the ads on facebook etc are the same!!!

Well, that is what the cookies and ad trackers do folks.

Below are a few tips to help but not always eliminate the ad tracking.


1) For iphone users -> sorry Androids ;o)

In your settings area there is an option that allows you to disable this – make sure it is turned ONdisable ad tracking


2) For Computer users – the first rule of thumb is, when shopping for goods, gifts and ESPECIALLY travel – always request a “private window” – this is a neat trick and is very useful and safe. For Firefox users below is a screen shot on how to request that: ( This is in the upper right hand area of Firefox )

disable ad tracking

3) Now for even more fun – below is a step by step process on how to disable ad tracking on Google.


Step 1 – Click the icon the arrow is pointing to.

disable ad tracking



Step 2 – bottom of next screen click there

disable ad tracking



Step 3 – Then where the two arrows are pointing – it will have an options to “opt-out” – click that.


disable ad tracking

Bada bing -that is it folks.


I hope this was helpful – and as always if you have any questions/concerns or more to ad – always feel free to reach out to your Web Therapist, Chenzo ;o)


Are you suppose to get used to the feeling?

I don’t know if you are suppose to get used to the feeling of success through the struggle of #entrepreneurship but not a day goes by I honestly do not thank God for the overwhelming response that grows each day. PS – I am sorry if I have been delayed in getting back to new inquiries. If your need is time sensitive – please email me or feel free to call. Honesty.im #EveryBusinessNeedsHonesty #ThisIsNotNormalAre you suppose to get used to the feeling?