Call to action

Many of my clients have never heard of a designer or SEO expert constantly bring up one important aspect of any web portal.

call to action



As many designers and web Jedi’s know – it is all about the “above the fold”

Above the fold = areas on the site any visitor can see prior to moving/scrolling.

It is up to us as designers or conversion experts to take advantage of the statistical data any web guru should know.

3 seconds


You have 3 SECONDS to tell your visitor –

Where am I?

What am I doing here?

Where am I going?

If you do not solicit those clearly and promptly – you might as well add them to your BR % <- (Bounce Rate) -> which means those who leave your site within seconds of entering. – NO BUENO!

So you will notice – through all my sites I create – I always stress the implementation of a clear call to action and converting elements.


The new riddle is – algorithmically – Google now says the content above the fold is valued and given higher rank to sites that implement this tactic. Many designers have been left puzzled with how to achieve this as most content is just skimmed over and never read – but I say…


I have already come up with a “white-hat” type of implementation of content using a variety of techniques.


Great call to actions here designed by yours truly:



Do you?

Your pal,