Could this be Google’s First Travel Breakthrough?

Many people may have not noticed – but Google purchased the travel software company ITA back in 2010.

5 years ago today, Google finally made good on a promise when then Google CEO Eric Smidt and Marissa Mayer quoted ” We want to create a consumer travel product to solve and end user problems”. Well, it finally happened today.

Google has introduced a first of it’s kind – travel app called Google Trips. From what I can see so far ( I haven’t been able to test it yet ) it seems to be a home run.


Google Trips comes pre-loaded with “popular” itineraries based off of aggregated user-visitation data. This is a pretty crazy notion considering this is a new way for Google to capitalize on a US market of $600 billion in leisure travel during 2015.

Overall – the most amazing fact I think is that it is able to be used with no wifi and can sync with your G-mail – making your life that much more fluid.
But don’t take my word for it – check the video out here:

Phone rings.
Me: This is Chenzo
Guy: Hey man, we run a ‪#webcompany‬ and keep running into people you have worked with and speak nothing but amazing things. We are a bit slow and would like to know if you could send us some work?
Me: Sure, send me over your website and what platform you guys specialize in and see what I can do.
Guy: We don’t have one yet.
Me: Maybe next time, “man”. ‪#nobull